do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

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Randoms thoughts because I have not written in weeks & I have nothing better to write about.

I have a hard time believing that summer vacation will be here in 2 weeks when it’s still snowing :) haha. But alas, it will be here soon! 9 more class/clinical days :D

I’ve applied for 9 jobs & have been rejected by 4 of them, ha! Hopefully something comes up :) I would have thought I would have one by now since I’ve been searching for a year. Oh well :) Patience.

Caleb & I have our doctor’s appointment for Honduras on Friday! (Yay vaccines!) And we are going shopping at Goodwill on Saturday for the trip. ONLY 20 DAYS UNTIL WE LEAVE!

My parents have been talking a lot about the wedding, which makes me extremely happy :) I was convinced that they secretly wanted me to live with them the rest of my life.

I love Caleb & his family. We went to St. Louis on Saturday to watch a cousin’s musical. I love how much they like to hug and how kind everyone is and really just everything about them. And Jacob’s school musical was amazing! Best day trip ever even though we drove 8 hours total and didn’t get home until 3am! Ha! :)

Harry Potter is on my television every Tuesday now. That is the greatest idea abc family has every had!

I cannot wait to read a book for fun!! I need to start making my summer reading list :)

I tried making green smoothies because of my dislike for vegetables. My first one didn’t turn out too well… I added too many random items and my tiny little magic bullet kind of stinks. But I’m going to try again now!

School is getting busier by the day, so my room has been messy for weeks. I need to clean, do laundry, and wash dishes. I feel gross just sitting in my room. Maybe that’s why I have only been leaving on a small light. I don’t even want to see this! Haha. I will be happy to live in a real home again because it will (hopefully) have a dishwasher and a husband to share my chores with :) (love you, Cal!)

I am dreading the moving out of my dorm as I do each year :) At least I only have one more year to go!!! I don’t know why but moving in and out causes me great stress.

I finished all of my pottery for class! I even made an urn for me & Cal (no judgement! it’s not creepy!).

Anyway, for those of you who read this, sorry. I really don’t live an exciting enough life to write a lot about it ha :) And I’m not the greatest or most eloquent writer. My thoughts are all jumbled. I just like getting my thoughts out. Well then. Good night, all!



My relationship with all of my friends



Mr. Moose, September 2013.

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may i better learn to let go of the things that are not from You, and cling tightly to the things that are.

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Aww shucks :)) ur cuter!